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Knowing how to talk and deal with banks and lenders is our specialty. We can present your situation in the best light possible and provide workable solutions.

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Stop Your Home Foreclosure

The first thing for you to know is that we have loss mitigation specialists that will help with your foreclosure. That’s important, because every state has different laws and every lender has unique, regional policies when it comes to home foreclosures. That’s why a home foreclosure workout specialist with knowledge of your lender and an understanding of your state’s laws is so necessary if you are to stop that foreclosure sale of your home.

And because we have probably worked with your lender, one of our representatives will actually know the officer with the authority to halt proceedings.

That’s why our nationwide network of home foreclosure specialists are so successful in stopping foreclosure sales for over 90 percent of our clients. And we handle many, many thousands of cases every year. That translates into a lot of families who are still living in their homes as a result of our services. We can tell you story after story of literally saving families from a court ordered eviction just hours before the deadline.

But the longer you delay the more difficult our job becomes.

Don’t delay---act today if you want to avoid foreclosure.

Delay really is your enemy if want to keep your home. The sooner we know your circumstances and who your lender is, the sooner we can assess what assistance programs are available to you. If you are a serving member of the military we’ll make sure you know your rights.  If you are about to be deployed, or have just returned from a tour of duty, legislation may afford you with additional protection from a foreclosure sale. If you have a VHA loan, we can often negotiate a moratorium while we work out a program to solve the problem permanently.

So don’t delay. Contact a Foreclosure Specialist today and together we’ll work out a program you can and your lender can live with. One that will restore financial stability to your life.







Stop Your Home Foreclosure with a Foreclosure Specialists

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