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The home is a family's most valuable possession. A bank wants to see you keep it, as they are not in the business of 'selling a home'. If your in a home foreclosure situation, we will help you deal with the bank, the lender and others. Our programs works for 90% of the people we talk to.

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Stop Foreclosure: Sub Prime Mortgage Loan


Stopping Foreclosures Requires Prompt Action!

If you have received a foreclosure notice it is important to take action immediately if you want to keep your home. And the best way to keep your home is to get that help from a professional who understands your rights and the laws of your state: an expert who knows the policies of your lender. From a specialist who can point to a track record of success and tell you, “we can save your home---we will stop foreclosure sale by your lender.”

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We are a nationwide network of home foreclosure workout specialists who do just that for over 90 percent of our clients. We’re proud of that. We’re proud that we help so many American families save their most valuable asset.    

But the longer you wait, the more difficult our task. Yes, we can tell you stories of stopping foreclosure just hours before a court imposed eviction deadline, but that is not something you want to put your family through. And it can end up costing more if we have to arrange interim angel capital on short notice, rather than a permanent solution.

We understand what you are going through right now, so if you need to talk to a foreclosure specialist urgently, call for free 1-888-860-3231 or use the online form.

Stopping Your Foreclosure: The first step back to financial health.

Increasing interest rates, higher gas prices and a weakening job market in many areas of the country have resulted in the perfect financial storm for many American families. For many it has been a tsunami and that has seen a 19 percent increase in foreclosure notices.

The good news is that more and more lenders are willing to accept a professionally prepared alternative from our foreclosure specialists. And because your bank wants it to work, we often take this opportunity to re-write your loan so you have a more manageable repayment schedule and a cash advance to get a few of those short term debts paid.







Stop Your Home Foreclosure with a Foreclosure Specialists

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